Friday, March 19, 2010

One Week

Ruby's one week old today! How time flies! Bobby and I couldn't believe it when we were talking about her last night and realized our girl had been with us for that long. And yet it feels like she's always been a part of our lives...and always depriving us of sleep: she's been a great sleeper during the day but at night she wants nothing to do with her crib. She'll do just fine falling asleep with me on the couch but lasts about ten minutes when I put her in her crib. So we're now trying to make that better. My sister Annie suggested keeping her out with us during the day and letting her nap in the living room. So that's what we're trying. I set her up in her boppy and she just loves it. Here's crossing our fingers for a good night!


Ashley said...

Here's some unsolicited advice...(you get a lot of it once you have a baby)!
My baby will only sleep swaddled. Maybe you're already swaddling Ruby...but if not, the SwaddleMe works great and helped my baby sleep super long at night.
Good luck!

Ashley said...

PS-Ruby is so big alredy! And I love all her dark hair. What a doll!

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Oh Maggie! I am so sorry you are having to run off of so little sleep. That is no fun at all. I hope that little Ruby learns very quickly that night is not a time for play!

Annie said...

Oh, dear. You keep asking me for advice and here's the big disclaimer: I'm not an expert! But I'm glad you can call me and vent about it. I'm definitely willing do do that for you :)

Here's wishing you luck tonight! I love you and little Ruby. Even if she won't sleep for you, she's one adorable little gal.