Sunday, March 14, 2010


We brought our little girl home today and it's nice just being able to relax and enjoy each other. Ruby did great on her release exam from the hospital. She doesn't have any jaundice, which we were really grateful for: she was crowning for so long that our midwife and nurse were really concerned about her head severely bruising and leading to jaundice. But she checked out just fine and we bundled her up in the car seat and left.

Bobby did have to sneak in one picture of me taking a nap and finally sleeping on my's heaven!

And daddy just loves to hang out with his little girl. He's not enjoying the idea of having to go back to school this week and leaving his sweet baby at home.


Erin R. said...

She is so beautiful!! Congratulations!

Annie said...

I wasn't sure if there was actually a baby in that car seat ;) That's one of the great things about AZ--just put a light blanket over Ivy and she was good to go.