Monday, August 24, 2009

Vacation! Part 4: Temple Square

We had so much fun in Draper with my family! We went to the park, the pool, went on hikes, played games and just had fun together. Of course, I adore Lilly. She's so cute, and I feel like one lucky aunt to be able to spend so much time with her.

We decided we'd go to Temple Square one morning so that she could see the flowers...she loves flowers and spent most of the vacation wanting grandpa or her dad to go with her into the yard to pick some.

She loved Temple Square, but what really enthralled her was the organ recital we went to in the Tabernacle. It lasted for about a half hour, and she sat still the whole time watching the organist with her little hands clasped in front of her. Of course, what she really loved was the light changes behind the organ pipes. First the light was blue, and she kept pointing and saying, "Boo one, boo one" then it changed to green and she said, "Een, Een". And eventually red, purple and orange. But she liked blue the best and by the time it was over and blue hadn't come back she kept asking for the "boo one."

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