Friday, August 21, 2009

Vacation! Part 1

So, if you're wondering where we've been for the last three weeks or so, the answer is: Utah! We took some much needed time off to go visit family and friends and get some R&R. We did a little jumping back and forth between Bobby's mom and my parents and we found three weeks wasn't nearly enough time to enjoy with family we love.

Bobby's mom lives in Logan and we went and stayed with her first. She's a busy busy bee and does a summer market where she lives but decided she was going to branch out and do Raspberry Days at Bear Lake this summer. It's a local fair/market at a lake about an hour from Logan. And we thought we'd be good kids and help out.

It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. Good food, people watching, and some good trading at the end. Bobby's mom ended up getting us a lot of goodies from the other vendors by trading her leftover baked goods.

We had a great time but by Saturday night we were glad it was over and we could just take a break and enjoy spending time with Bobby's mom.

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