Saturday, August 23, 2008

Meeting in the Middle...

So, I have a bone to pick with our lovely, stalwart, determined founding fathers of the great state of Ohio: why couldn't you have built some cities that lie somewhere in between Columbus and Morgantown that actually have some oomph? I'm not asking for much, just more than a movie theater and one restaurant. Is that too much? During our 10 month relationship (I can't believe it's been that long!), Bobby and I have discovered that there isn't much that lies in that vast distance between Columbus and West Virginia...and whatever it is that does lie in between we've been there, done that...several times.

We've discovered Cambridge, which is actually a very cute town with a charming main street. But all there is to do there is eat and go to movies. We've found Wheeling, which isn't such a cute town and all there is to do there is eat and not go to movies. Although Wheeling does have a casino if you're keen on being driven insane by the sound of thousands of slot machines ringing simultaneously and smelling like a cigarette.

And we've also visited St. Clairesville and all there is to do there is not eat and go to movies. Oh yes, and they have a mall, which even the Logan mall puts to shame. We met there today, and using the foresight that we have been so blessed with, brought our own food and had a picnic in the one shining gem in all of this great city--the park. Mmm...doesn't our spread look good?

We stumbled across the park a few months ago and it has become the beacon of hope to us when we meet in St. Clairesville. It's really nothing special, except that it is special because we enjoy spending time with each other there. We just ate our sandwiches, salad and fruit and talked and layed on the grass and napped in the sunshine for a while. It was serene and calming and let us forget about work and dental school and the craziness of life and just enjoy one another.

Hmmm....maybe I will hold a soft spot in my heart for these in-between towns after all.

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Annie said...

So Jonathan and I agree that you need pictures you can click on and blow up. Because I had my nose 1 cm from the screen just so I could look at your yummy spread. I still couldn't tell what it was. ;)