Friday, December 27, 2013

Our Christmas

We had such a beautiful little a Christmas this year, just our family, and it was wonderful. The festivities started on Christmas Eve with a couple last minute grocery and Santa shopping trips. Bobby wanted prime rib for our big dinner, so we had that and it was delicious! First time I had made it and I was a little proud of myself that it turned out so good.

And of course we had cream puffs for dessert. Ruby helped make them and was very excited to eat them....

With her sucker too....

And there was one little boy who couldn't get enough of his.

We ended our evening by reading about Jesus' birth in Luke and singing carols. Then we had a round of finding the pickle on the tree. (A German tradition my family's been doing for awhile.). The kids went to bed eagerly awaiting Santa....he made it safely, probably due to the fact that Ruby made sure Bobby asked for his safe arrival during our dinner prayer.

Bobby and I heard Ruby creeping down the stairs in the morning and find her stash. A trumpet!

And Jack had fun too.

But then the kids saw that Santa left a note that he left them something in the basement.

YouTube Video

Opening presents from family came a little while later.

We had such a great time and the rest of the day was spent playing and being together. Ruby was right, it was the best day ever.

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Darci C. said...

How fun!! I love that Jack wouldn't give up his phone to play.