Monday, September 2, 2013

The New Office: Construction & Assistant Interviews

Not a big change this week. The mudding was finished this week and some more materials were delivered.

This week should see some very fun changes to the space. We can't wait to show you. The gorgeous Marimekko fabric I found for the lobby art arrived and we asked the millworkers to build a frame to mount it on. I'm really excited to see this little project completed.

Ruby, Jack and I are going to work on a little art project too and I can't wait to have fun being creative with the kiddos. And Bobby will enjoy seeing something we made especially for him and his office.

Bobby also interviewed candidates for his assistant and found a couple great people. Hopefully the one he likes accepts! He'll only be opening with an assistant and then as the office becomes busier he'll hire an office manager and then a hygienist, so those interviews will come later.

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