Monday, September 16, 2013

The New Office: Construction and a trip to Ikea

There were a few hiccups this week, as there generally are when something is being built, but there's still some fun things to see. The painting is nearly done. Pardon the adorable photo-bomber.

The ceiling is going in (the ops area will have an exposed ceiling).

We took a trip to Ikea to shop for the office. Bobby was not looking forward to this trip at all. He HATES going to Ikea. With every fiber of his being. But he sucked it up and sacrificed and didn't complain one time. And we need to go back in the next couple weeks and he talks about it like it's no big deal. My jaw is still on the floor.

We had a big load to take home and Ruby had a great time shopping. And sitting in every.single.chair in the entire store. The girl loves Ikea. And she's in this picture. Can you find her?

We bought frames for the kids' art project. Cute, no? Ruby did the two paintings on the ends and Jack's is the one in the middle. We love them. The kids did a great job, Ruby created hers with very little coaching and I just handed the brush loaded with paint to Jack and let him do the rest.

But this may be the most exciting thing yet:


Annie said...

I love the colors! And I love that you edited the kids' palette so their paintings would match ;)

Mom said...

You and Bobby make a good team!

Jess said...

Wow Maggie! I am just catching up on your blog and am so thrilled for Bobby and the new practice!! Miss you and so glad all is well with all of you.