Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Yeah, they're pretty much everywhere. They've borderline over run the neighborhood. We've always got at least one rabbit in our yard, usually three or four. Part of our yard improvement will include adding a finer wire mesh along the fence to keep the little buggers out. We're going to have a garden and don't want it to fall prey to the little fuzz balls.

Not that they're totally unwelcome, especially to Ruby. We spotted a baby bunny, or a kit as I have learned, on the patio the other day. And now Ruby has been vigilant to keep us informed of when it appears.

You can see it nestled up in the cushions near the left of the window.

So for right now the little guy is welcome. But if he and his buddies start eating our garden, well, let's just say Bobby has been wanting to eat some rabbit.


Annie said...

It reminds me of when we had the quail family residing in our yard. The girls loved watching them! That also reminds me of when we had rabbits growing in the garden in Landen. And do you think Dad would ever kick them out? Not a chance! said...

So So So nice blogger

Mom said...

I'd forgotten about those cute little bunnies growing uo in our garden!