Thursday, April 4, 2013


Our first big improvement of the new house was finished the week we moved in. First we had the sitting room and dining room painted. Man, what a difference! No longer a cave, the front room is now bright and open. And as soon as that was completed, work began on wood floors.

They look absolutely gorgeous and totally make the home look soooo much nicer. Unfortunately, they were a huge chunk of change so no other major improvements will be happening in the near future. But we've got our eye set on painting the family room and kitchen, and refinishing the railings throughout the house.

And my early birthday present from Bobby arrived this air compressor/nail gun set! Woohoo! Soon the baseboards will get done. Good thing, too, because Jack likes to travel around the perimeters of the rooms picking at the drywall where the trim used to be. We've found him more than once with hunks of drywall in his mouth. Not. Cool.

And Bobby has freely admitted that he loves our little house. Yup. Progress.

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