Wednesday, November 7, 2012

She can't wait for Christmas

These days anytime we go shopping Ruby is on the look out for Christmas decorations. It's like she has a radar for it. We hit Target and she immediately spots the trees. And then we have to stop so she can gaze longingly at all the bright shiny objects. This girl is seriously into Christmas this year. I've told her we're going to buy a tree the day after Thanksgiving and she is so excited.

So we went to Lowes to buy some wood so Santa can make her present (a d-o-l-l house as we refer to it in these parts) and we made a stop by the trees so I could check out their selection. And that little detour ended up being about 20 minutes while Ruby danced to carols, tried on Santa hats and played with the decorations.

I can't wait for Christmas either, just to see how much she loves it.

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Maren said...

I can't wait for Christmas either!