Saturday, October 6, 2012


We've had a cold floating around our house the last couple days. Ruby got it first then it got me. I was hoping Jack would be spared. He's had a little bit of a runny nose but that's it so far....I'm crossing my fingers that's all he gets. He's woken up a couple times the last two nights from it, but Bobby's stepped in and helped out wonderfully (seems he's going to be spared).

So when we woke up to this:

I was perfectly happy to just camp out at home and take it easy. There was lots of show watching and IPad playing (the only problem with Ruby being sick is there's major technology withdrawal afterward).

And Bobby got some chocolate ice cream...I was in desperate need of something sweet and chocolatey after being stuck with a sick toddler and me being sick too. Ruby liked it just as much as I did. This girl loves chocolate, and I mean loooooves. When she talks about chocolate she gets her little whispery voice and says, "I love chaw-colate."

If you've got a Kroger's owned grocery store, try their Private Selection Chocolate Ganache ice cream. Divine. I'm telling you it's some of the best chocolate ice cream I've ever had.

So now we're ready to settle into a weekend of General Conference watching and trying to kick this cold out of the house. It should be a great time.

(Can I tell you I hate auto-correct....I've had to rewrite about twenty words on this post because the IPad doesn't like what if I make up words!)


Darci said...

Maggie how do you post on your blog with your iPad? I have yet to figure out how to post pictures. And yes auto correct is a pain at times!! I know I am a troll on yours and Annie's blogs;). I still can't believe you two have kids! I really need to be better at keeping up with all my Cincy friends.

Maggie said...

Hey darci! I use an app called's pretty simple to use and the format is easy. Glad you're a blog stalker :)