Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hide and Seek

Over the last few days Ruby's really developed an affinity for Hide and Seek. Maybe it's the new house with all of it's new nooks and closets and new places to play...whatever it is, she loves it. Bobby will go hide somewhere and call her name and she'll run looking for him and squeal when she finds him. And then they'll do it over and over again and it just makes me smile to see him tearing through the house to hide before she can catch him and hear her peals of laughter echoing. I absolutely love it...there are few things better than seeing my husband being a wonderful father to our beautiful little girl.


Annie said...

I LOVED this video! So much fun :) Should would have a great time playing hide and seek with Lilly. It's one of Lilly's favorites, too.

rachael berry said...

At one point of the taping she looks at maggie filming and gives this look that says "hey you help me out here" she is so cute.

Anonymous said...