Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An Update

We're about half done unpacking and getting the house officially moved-in and livable. Here's a run down of our activities over the last week:

Monday: Ruby and I flew to Texas...a while ago Bobby and I decided that Ruby would be a much happier girl if she and I flew and Bobby and his mom drove. Ruby does not enjoy being in the car for extended periods of time and we thought three days of driving would just about do her in and seriously jeopardize our sanity. We stayed with the Huckmans, who will forever be in our book of fabulously wonderful people for their generosity and hospitality.

Tuesday: Ruby and I went over to the new house to meet our realtor, pick up our keys and make a list of stuff we needed to buy and projects we needed to start working on. We went shopping, I ordered some things, called around to find Ruby a pediatrician, made some more phone calls to get blinds ordered and our new bed delivered. Back in West Virginia, Bobby and his mom started their drive and made it into Louisiana.

Wednesday: Blinds installed! Now people won't be able to see us naked in our house! Woohoo! I started some cleaning and putting away the things that we bought the day before. Ruby loved running around the empty house yelling at the top of her lungs and listening to the loud echoes. Bobby and his mom got in later that afternoon and we went back over to the house so that she could look around.

Thursday: We all went over to the house to do some serious cleaning. Our new bed was delivered and it is absolutely heavenly!

Friday: Our trailer arrived and Bobby and I, along with a very sweet guy from our ward, Mike, started unloading. We got quite a bit done and our empty house started looking more like a home.

Saturday: A bunch of men from our ward came over in the morning and we finished unpacking the trailer. Everything made it safely! I was so relieved...there really isn't that much that we own that if it broke I would care about, but my piano is one thing that I would be pretty crushed if it bit the dust. Needless to say, it made it safely. We packed up our things at the Huckman's and officially moved into our new house. Then we found out the dryer didn't work. Yuck.

Sunday: Church. Our new branch is so lovely! Everyone is very kind and helpful and Ruby was a huge hit. In a branch full of mostly grandparents and no babies, our little girl was the star of the show. We also got a surprise visit that evening from one of the members. I don't remember his first name, but everyone calls him Frenchie because he's from Louisiana. He had just killed a wild hog and brought us a cut of meat. Bobby was in heaven!

And that brings us to do this week. We're still unpacking and settling in, but the house is looking great, Ruby has made the adjustment beautifully and we're all happy! This week's projects are to organize the garage and put some shelving up in there and to really start making our yard look nice. I'll put some pics up once we get internet and we're not mooching off the Huckman's!


Mom said...

It sounds like a good, busy week. I love the story about Frenchie! We had an Elder from Florida who would wild hog hunting and had his own BBQ catering business before his mission. We can't wait to see you all!

Shannon said...

Post pictures of the new place!