Friday, May 27, 2011

Our House

Here's the pics you've all been waiting for. Our new house. And here is my disclaimer: everything is a work in progress and nothing was straightened or cleaned up for these photos (we're family and friends, after all, so you don't mind, right?).

The entry:

The living room:

The kitchen:

The dining area:

Ruby's room:

And for those of you who have little ones or love to sleep in dark rooms, we got Ruby's blackout curtains from and they are fabulous! They don't have the stiff rubbery backing that a lot of these types of drapes do and they make her room nice and dark.

The master bedroom:

The master bath:

We also have a guest bedroom and bath that are incredibly boring right now and I didn't take pictures of. Once everything is in some sort of "finished" state I'll post more pictures, but that could be awhile. I'll keep you updated as things evolve.


Annie said...

You don't know how thrilled I was to open my blog while begging "please show an update, please show an update." And there WAS! Your home is very cute. I love it. And I loved seeing little Ruby-roo face in the kitchen. More of her, please. And does this mean you have internet?

Mom said...

Your house looks so nice, and it looks like you have a lot of space! Do you feel like you've died and gone to Heaven in the kitchen? That wall looks like it was made for the piano. And you have room for the desk.It is all just so pretty!

McArthur Family said...

What a beautiful house!!! So fun to see some pics. When does Dr. Berry start work? Do you get some playtime with him before he does?

Doug & Amy said...

I love it! It has so much space! Especially that kitchen :)