Monday, March 28, 2011

Our New Home

Our trip to Texas was a mixture of lots of fun and lots of frustration. It was so nice to bask in the sunshine and warm weather. The wild flowers were in bloom and everything was beautiful and green. The frustration came because there's a huge oil and natural gas boom in the surrounding area and there are absolutely no rentals available. Bobby and I were planning to rent for a year or so and get a feel for our new town and then build or buy. No luck. All rentals big or small were gone. Unless we wanted to pay $1500 a month for a little dump that we'd hate. No thank you.

On Friday, after dealing with me being very bummed the day before about our prospects, Bobby went driving and came home very excited. He had walked through a house which was almost done being built and was a great price and very cute. So Ruby and I went back with him. It was like a ray of sunshine! For the first time that week I felt like I had found a place I would love to live, that would be great for family coming to visit and that Ruby would have fun in too.

Here it is:

I brought the camera fully intending to take pictures of the inside. Sorry. In all my excitement I totally forgot. You'll just to wait until we move in to see it. It's 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Should I tell you what I love about it? Here's the list: it has a big dining area that when we have company we can actually all eat at a dining table instead of in the living room on TV trays; our master bedroom has a walk-in closet, no more having our clothes split into two tiny closets in different rooms; an actual laundry room instead of a closet; more than the mere 3 feet of kitchen counter space we have to work on now; a two car garage; floors that don't creak! I really could keep going but I think I'll stop now. I think you get the point, though, this new little home is going to be great for us!

Our move to Texas is now filled with more hope.


Ashley said...

So so wonderful! I know prayers are answered. Stay hopeful! :-)

Mom said...

We are so excited you found a nice place to live. It looks really cute. We can' wait to see you all in June!

Jamie and Brad said...

Its adorable! I'm excited for you! Hopefully we can be some of your visitors someday.

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Your new house looks so charming! I am so excited for you guys. On to exciting things!

Annie said...

Very cute!