Thursday, March 17, 2011


We got some balloons for Ruby's birthday and she loved them. We could have done nothing else but gotten her balloons and she would have been perfectly content. You would have thought there was nothing better in the world than a helium balloon.

And then we took a little video. Just wait until Ruby realizes we're filming her. You'll crack up. We did.

Bobby and I were talking later that night about how much wonder and joy Ruby gets from the world around her. He expressed some concern that as we grow up we lose that. I told him I don't think that's entirely true; we just don't allow ourselves to feel it. The world is such an amazing, beautiful place and I think that everyday. But how many times do I see something beautiful or awe-inspiring and I think, "That's cool" and then go about my business? I need to enjoy the moment and give myself permission to bask in all the incredible blessings around me. Life is too short not to recognize everything we've been given. So there.


Ashley said...

So sweet! Made me laugh! Happy Birthday to Ruby!

Annie said...

She's such a cheese ball. I love it!