Saturday, November 13, 2010

One thing that I'm thankful for...

My family. I grew up in a warm, loving home where I always felt nurtured, cared for and totally accepted as myself. My parents are wonderful examples to me and I always have so much fun visiting with them. And I love how much Bobby likes to spend time with them, too. And now that Ruby's here, it's so much fun seeing them being doting grandparents and knowing that Ruby has a couple more people on this earth who love her almost as much as we do.

My siblings are so much fun to hang out with and I'm always excited for the next time we're going to see each other. We laugh, cry, share in hilarity and disappointment and through it all we love each other to pieces. Oh, and by the way twin sister of mine (you know who you are) you need to update your blog...I'm suffering from niece withdrawal.

I love you guys!

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Mom said...

We love you, too, Maggie. Dad and I lucked out (were blessed) with five wonderful children. We love being with you and the wonderful people you married - and the little ones who have joined the family, too :)