Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One thing that I'm thankful for...

Ruby. Gosh that little girly is just about the cutest thing in the entire world. When I was pregnant I was so excited for her to be born so that I could finally meet her, but those first few days were rough! There were times I couldn't think straight and I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. So many mothers say that the newborn stage is divine and they love it...I struggled to get through it. But little by little this peanut became a bigger and bigger part of my heart and now I can't look at her without thinking about how in love with her I am.

I'm so thankful for Ruby and her sweetness, curiosity, giggles and for the moments when I'm next to her and she just rests her hand on my cheek and looks in my eyes.

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McArthur Family said...

So sweet. I'm sure if Ruby could write, she'd say how thankful she is for a mother who's sacrificed so much for her and who loves her so dearly.