Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rural Rotation...Week 4

Bobby only has 2 weeks left of his rural rotation...are we excited? You betcha! It hasn't been as bad as we thought it would be, but it'll still be nice when we're a family living under the same roof again.

Ruby and I made our weekly visit to see Bobby and here's what we did:

We ate at the Hilltop Diner. It's the only sit down restaurant in Cowen and is actually really good. We went there last week and decided it was our new Theo's (you'll remember Theo's from when we were dating) and returned this week. Bobby had some of the best liver (yuck!) he's ever eaten and I had some really good country fried steak (my brother Rob would die...he loves country fried steak). And we bring Ruby a little tupperware of her lunch and she eats with us. It's a lot of fun.

Then we spent some time in the Hamrick's back yard. Sitting, swinging,'s relaxing and so serene in the evenings.

Despite having to spend time apart this experience has been fun. We've met some wonderful people and seen some beautiful parts of West Virginia. That said...only 2 more weeks!

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Mom said...

I think it is great that Bobby found such a nice place to live - and a place where you and Ruby can stay with him over the week-end. It looks really pretty there.