Friday, October 15, 2010

Rural Rotation...The End

Woohoo! We're done! This week was Bobby's last week of rural rotation and today we're all at home enjoying being a family living in the same house again. This last 6 weeks has flown by, though, and we've had some fun experiences in Cowen, West Virginia and Bobby has loved being in a real practice. He's not so excited to have to return to school next week.

Ruby and I drove down for our last visit on Tuesday. We ate lunch at the Hilltop Diner one last time (Bobby had liver again...there was no way he was going to pass that up!) and we got a shake from Depot Dairy (the hot dog stand in town)and ate it at the Big Ditch Lake. How did it receive it's name? Because as the locals say, "I could walk across that lake!"

Needless to say, it's a beautiful spot and we enjoyed the cool autumn air and the beautiful trees.

Ruby took her last bath in the sink.

And here's a funny face she's been making lately...We call it her little-old-lady face:

We're so grateful to the Hamrick's for their hospitality in giving Bobby a place to stay and a spot roomy enough that Ruby and I were able to come see him during the week. We had a great time visiting with them and getting to know them. They are beautiful people.


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Hooray for being together! Crazy how fast time flies. I remember Daniel being really bummed about going back to school and all of the drama associated with working on patients there. But, hey, you are almost there!

Good luck with the job hunt. That is no fun at all. Bob could always go Daniel's route and delay it a couple of years!

Annie said...

I'm glad the whole thing went well and now you're back together again. Love you!