Friday, September 10, 2010

Rural Rotation

Ruby and I visited Bobby on Thursday to see what he's been up to on his rural rotation. All the fourth year dental students spend about six weeks in a dentist's office somewhere in West Virginia getting actual experience in a real world clinic. Bobby's been loving his experience...he's in Cowen, WV which is in the middle of nowhere and has a population of 500, so when we say rural, we mean rural. He really enjoys the clinic, doctor, assistants and everyone he's working with. They've welcomed him with warm southern hospitality and he's already done quite a few procedures.

Another reason he's enjoying his stay is his housing. A house is provided for all the students going on rural rotation, but when Bobby checked into it, there were several girls already in the house he was assigned to and he didn't think that would be quite appropriate for a married man. So he called around and the branch president in the area has a little apartment built off of his home and that's where Bobby is. It's a beautiful property, backing onto a river with woods surrounding and it's absolutely peaceful and lovely. And the Hamrick's are such wonderful people, very sweet and accomodating. They live in Webster Springs, which is a booming town compared to Cowen...they have a population of 900.

We had such a nice time with Bobby after not seeing him for a couple days. Next week we'll go see him again and we'll take pictures.

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We can't wait for the pictures!