Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big People Food

Ruby has made the leap to solids. I started her two weeks ago on rice cereal...yeah, she's not a fan...I've figured out she'll eat it if it's got another food mixed in, so the girl gets her grain by the conniving of her mother. And she's had pears (her current favorite), sweet potatoes (a close second), avocado and peas (both of which she still grimaces a little when she eats them). She's a great eater, is fun to watch try to figure out what everything is, and is oh-so-cute...of course, she's always cute but watching her try new things just brings out the cuteness!

I decided when she was born that I wanted to make her baby food. It's so easy and is a great way to save money and feel good about what I'm feeding her. It really takes next to no time and I love opening the freezer and seeing my little stash of homemade baby food. I'm a dork, but labeling the freezer bags gives me a little smile.

Here's the little bug trying avocado for the first time:


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

How fun! And I commend you for making Ruby's baby food. This is my goal for baby #2. And have you ever compared the jarred stuff to the fresh purees? No comparison!

Mom said...

Well, the avocados look like a rousing success ;)

Annie said...

I love the way she looks at the camera as if to say, "Is anyone there? Please help me! Make it stop!"