Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morning Walks

Most mornings I like to take a stroll with Ruby after she gets up and eat. So usually around 7:30 we're out the door enjoying a brisk couple mile walk around the neighborhood. It's a lot of fun...I jabber the whole time about mundane details: "Look Ruby, that's a chain-link fence, fences keep people from going where they're not supposed to. We saw that fence yesterday, do you remember? It's gray and tall and we can't go past it because we're not allowed." I would love to know what she's thinking when I'm yammering on about ridiculous stuff like that. Or instead of talking, I'll sing to her. Good times.

This summer has been pretty hot and West Virginia is really humid and I really don't like it when I get hot and sticky...hence the early morning walks. It usually isn't too bad so early and by the time we get back to the house the sun has cleared the trees and the heat is setting in. I've been pretty faithful about our little jaunts and we usually go out 3 or 4 times a week.

Then yesterday happens. I walked outside to set up the stroller...well, walking might be the wrong word to use...maybe swim is a better one. I swam outside. It was so hot and humid it was probably 80 degrees. Bobby walked out to talk to me, made a disgusted face and walked right back in the house. Ruby and I proceeded to walk to the end of the street, turn around and walk right back home.

Because, let's face it, I'm a baby and I prefer to swim in pools.

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Annie said...

Wow, 80 degrees--that's roasting! ;)