Monday, January 25, 2010

The Best Husband Ever

So Bobby came home from doing a few things on Saturday proclaiming that he was the best husband ever. Naturally, I knew this already, being married to him and all. But I asked him what he was scheming and he told me not to worry about it.

Then on Sunday he said not to worry about meals or anything for next week because he would be cooking. And I thought, "Wow, I don't have to go to work next week and I don't have to cook!?" I thought that was going to be why he was bragging about being so great and I would have been totally happy with it...not having to cook for a whole week is a treat any day.

Sunday evening we were sitting in the living room, Bobby reading and me getting ready to putz around on the internet. I look at the computer and the recently downloaded list is on the screen and I see a flight confirmation on there. Hmmm...who's going somewhere? Me!!! Bobby booked me a flight to Phoenix for next Monday thru Friday to see my sister Annie and her family. How exciting is that! I had been really bummed out that we didn't get the chance to see them at Christmas and with both of us having babies coming we wouldn't get to see each other until maybe August. So today I went to my OBGYN office and got the all clear to go and next week I'm off to sunny Arizona for a few days.

Who has the best husband ever? I do!


Mom said...

I think that is really sweet of Bobby. I know Annie is so excited, and you two will have a great time together. I sure would like to hear how people react when they see the two of you together with your baby tummies. We love you!

Annie said...

You do have a wonderful husband (I won't say the best because I'm obviously biased in toward someone else), and I love it when he schemes with me :)

Jess said...

How cool! Have a great time :)