Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is going to be just a quiet day for us, just spending time with each other, which I am extremely grateful for and then a dinner with a few lovely people from our ward who couldn't make it home to family. It'll be a great day! There is so much that I'm thankful for....

My family. Mom, Dad, Annie, Jonathan, Lilly, Rob, Becca, Maren, Dave...I love them so much! The laughter, love and support they show are strengthening and I can't imagine not having them with me.

My new family. Having Bobby in my life is wonderful. The love and joy and kindness that he shows everday is so precious to me. And especially now that we have little Ruby. When we first found out we were pregnant we felt more than a little shock and awe. But now we can hardly imagine her not being part of our little growing family. Everyday we talk to her and feel her move and wonder what she will look like. We can hardly wait until we finally get to see her and meet her in March.

And this whole experience makes me feel very lucky to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. To have the knowledge that our little family will be together forever. That we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows us and knows our every need. That we have our Savior Jesus Christ, who has done everything He can so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father one day.

There is so much that I'm thankful for and I'm so grateful for my life, friends and family. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


Jess said...

I am so thankful that we've been able to stay in touch. You've always been such a great friend and role model for me to look up to, Maggie. You are going to be such an excellent, loving, creative and kind mother. I can't wait to see Ruby either! :)

Anonymous said...

At Thanksgiving dinner we all told about the things we are thankful for, and every one of us said we were thankful for each other - for our family. It is so fun living close to Rob & Becca and Dave & Maren so we can see them every so often (Rob said he was glad they could come and do laundry and we are glad too :) We can't wait to see you and Bobby and Annie, Jonathan, and Lilly at Christmas.

Mom said...

I'm not really anonymous, I just forgot to put my name before I clicked!