Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bridal Shower

I had a bridal shower for my friend Natelle last weekend. She's getting married in November and then moving away to Delaware in December, so it was nice spending some time with her and seeing how happy she's going to be with her hubby.

But, the big thing about the bridal shower was that I made the cake...for fifty people. I love to bake and totally was willing but I have to say I was slightly intimidated by the logistics of such a feat. I had to buy pans, something to serve it on, etc, etc. So I did and I baked the cake layers earlier in the week and decorated the cake the morning of the shower. It didn't turn out quite as cute as I would have liked--I think the flowers on top turned out kind of lame, but I guess that just means I need to practice!

The shower was fun, though. We played ridiculous shower games and ate food and had a great time laughing and catching up and celebrating Natelle and her wonderfulness.


Mom said...

Well, I think your cake was cute - especially for the first time you did one. I think you were brave to take it on!

Jess said...

One cake comment deserves another. I think your cake is adorable, and I'm positive it was delicious! What size pans did you buy, and did you use a special recipe to get it to feed 50 people? I only ask because I might be in that same situation very soon.