Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We've had cooler temperatures this week, cloudy skies, drizzly days and it's been downright cold at night. The leaves are beginning to turn, and there are already a few scattered on the ground. But what really tipped me off to fall being here? I was itching to have some hot chocolate. And I've been wanting soups and other yummy comfort foods. Yup, fall is here and I'm so excited.

We had a glorious summer...beautiful, not too hot. But when the weather starts cooling and I can start opening the windows, I love that time of year! And I'm especially grateful that I'm going to be pregnant during the fall and winter, so I don't have to deal with sweltering temperatures and being as big as a house!

So I've pulled up all our straggly flowers that have gone the way of all the earth and I'm going to run to Walmart and pick up some mums and pumpkins and fall-ify our place. I love it!

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Mom said...

That sounds fun! We had snow, rain, hail, and sunshine - all in one day today! It is cold today, and Dad wants hot chocolate tonight, too!