Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Latest

So the camera cable is nowhere to be found. Then I had the brilliant idea that I would just put Bobby's memory card into my camera and all would be well. Unfortunately, his camera uses a different card then mine does. Alas, those pictures are now lost forever and no one will ever know how beautiful they were. Everyone will just have to settle for me just telling you what we've been up to...But don't worry! My camera batteries are now charged and ready for action!

We had our friends Daniel and Katie Johnson over for a game night on Saturday...and of course they brought their adorable little girl along, Miss Madeleine (they couldn't just leave her at home, that would be irresponsible!). She is oh-so-cute and so round and plump that I just want to take a bite out of her. Anyway, we played games...specifically Banagrams, a fun crossword/scrabblish game my sister Annie gave to us. And of course we had something sweet, in this case a strawberry cream pie. We had fun, and we're grateful for our friendship with these very sweet people.

Sunday was gorgeous...45 degrees and beautiful and sunny, so Bobby and I took his brother, Xax's, dog for a walk. It was swampy and oozy and messy since the snow had just melted, but Meech had a great time and we enjoyed the sun. She loved romping through the sludge, and got most of it on Bobby and me, but it's always a lot of fun to see how entertained she is by a stick. I wish I could be entertained that easily...


Anonymous said...

I want to see some pictures from the wedding when you have a chance! I'd love to see your dress :)

Missing you!

Annie said... pictures of the sludge that Meech got on you :)

And I too would love to see some wedding pictures. Have you got them yet?

Bobby said...

Man, I want to see some of those beautiful wedding pics too