Monday, March 4, 2013

Stupid Dream

So this post is definitely not full of cute pics of angel children. I had a dream last night in which the whole family participated. We were all staying at the Vatican in the apartment right next to the Pope, as if that would ever happen!!! Maggie and I were using the same conjoined bathroom the Pope used. We all went to bed that night and that is when the excitement started. There was an assassination attempt on the life of the Pope. Apparently some renegade Swiss Guards were using antiquated cannons to blow holes in the Pope's apartment. In the morning the Pope was no longer there and nobody knew where he was. Upon my investigation, I discovered a secret passageway behind the Pope's bed; however the nefarious Swiss Guards didn't want to publicize this because it would reveal their underground secret network of tunnels throughout the Vatican. Of course we were all in shock, because we felt that didn't matter when we had a chance to save the Pope. This is pretty much the core of the story. I know I know, this is not worthy of publishing. Annie, you have no fear of me competing with you on the NYT best-seller list that is for sure.

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