Sunday, December 18, 2011


We had such a great time in Utah for Thanksgiving. We saw Bobby's family and Ruby loved spending time with her Grandma all of Daddy's family. We ate lots of good food there, of course, and enjoyed being together.

We spent most of our time with my parents which was so nice because all of my siblings and their spouses were able to be there. With all of us and our schedules it's not a common thing for us to all be able to be under one roof too often.

Unfortunately Ruby got walloped by hand, foot and mouth disease and was understandably a crank most of the time. Luckily she's got such an easy going and sweet personality that she still had a great time, and we know how blessed we are to not have to have too hard of a time when she's under the weather.

She had so much fun taking a trip to the Wheeler Farm and seeing the animals.

And playing with Grandpa and his iphone and ipad.

And of course putting stickers on her aunt's and uncle's noses.

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Mom said...

We had so much fun when you were all here - I just wish little Ruby had felt better.