Saturday, December 5, 2009

Birthday Treats

For his birthday dinner Bobby requested Chile Rellenos. I've never made them before, but took on the challenge quite willingly. They weren't too hard to make and turned out pretty tasty. I just made basic ones with cheese, but perhaps next time will work on a different version with meat and other goodies. And Bobby's eating on the Red Plate we got for our wedding. One of the office couples when my dad and mom were on their mission got it for us. It's used by whoever did something special or is the had something great happen to them that day. So, Bobby being the birthday boy got to eat off the red plate.

I had been bugging Bobby for a couple weeks about what kind of cake he wanted. Finally he told me he wanted me to surprise him with some cupcakes from my cupcake cookbook. This coming from the man who, a very long time ago, told me that cupcakes did not have a place in his world. Then I made some for a ward picnic and he decided cupcakes might not be so bad.

So the ones I made were High-Hats. They were scrumptious! They're a chocolate cupcake with a marshmallowy topping dipped in chocolate. They were actually easy to make but a little time consuming and totally worth it when Bobby bit into it and groaned with yumminess.

And for a present, he got a video game. We've had a lot of fun playing video games together since we've been married. Many times he's told me how fun it is that I enjoy video games, especially since some of his married friends' wives don't exactly approve of said activity. We had a great time spending time together that night and celebrating his special day.

Happy birthday, Bobby! I love you with all my heart!


Ashley said...

Those cupcakes look yummy! Bobby, you are lucky to have such a great wife! Happy Birthday!

Alyxendria said...

Happy late Birthday my friend !

Alyxendria said...

Also Congrats on Baby Ruby! I am so happy for you and Maggie !.hugs my friend. I just got done with my Rotaion in Utah. I am back in Boston again!